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Basic introduction of yarn

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The yarn is made up of kinds of continual striation textile fiber. It is thin and soft, and the key characteristic is suit for spinning processing and the final product’s need. The yarn mainly is used in weaving the shuttle fabric, the knitted fabric, parts of non-weave fabric, few parts is directly by striation textile, like kinds of sewing threads, wool threads, embroidery threads, cotton ropes and other miscellaneous threads. Yarn according to the raw material can distinguish below kinds:

First, 100% pure raw material yarn

100% pure raw material yarn purely to be componential by an identical kind of textile fiber, such as purified cotton yarn, wool yarn, viscose yarn, acrylic fiber yarn, polyester yarn, polyamide yarn and so on.

Second, blending (mixed filament) yarn

The blending yarn is made up of two kinds or more than two kinds of textile fibers. Such as polyester cotton mixed yarn, wool polyester mixed yarn, wool viscose mixed yarn, purely silk cotton mixed yarn, and so on. More than two kinds of spun fiber mixed is called mixed textile yarn, and by more than two kinds of filament mixed yarn becomes mixed filament textile yarn. The difference as below:

Xa=Wa/W*100%   Xa is the content of any kind of textile fiber (Wa is the weight of fiber, W is the weight of mixed yarn), divide into seven big series according to yarn physical property and the operating characteristic.

Series one, spun fiber yarn

The spun fiber yarn is made up of spun textile fiber. Usually for the first, single fiber to spin make the single gauze, then make several single gauze merge twisting to plied thread, combines again several plied yarn and twisting, then becomes duplicate twists plied thread. Most of the plied threads are used on wool fabric. Actually, use Single yarn, plied threads or duplicate twists plied threads must decide according to the fabric design requirements and the handling characteristics.

Series two, continuously fiber yarn (filament or silk)

First, silk continuously fiber yarn

Take the silkworm cocoon in cocoon fiber as a raw material. The reeling craft the continual filament which the cocoon fiber compound beaming obtains to be called the cocoon fiber continuously yarn. It includes sericin, the popular name raw silk. Combines the twisting after certain filaments, what form is the silk thread, including the rubber, degum. The silk filament is the silk industry producers' important goods, mainly be used in the processing of kinds of silk goods.

Second, chemical fiber continuously yarn

The chemical fiber continuously yarn forms while fiber forming Yarn, it does not need to do like staple fiber such to pass through the spun fiber to gather the textile fiber the yarn first, then weaves again the fabric. The two compared, the former's production efficiency is high, and they have a big difference in the style.

To become the filament high polymer through to spurt the screw stock namely to form the continuous filament thread, the textile fiber radical in the silk thread includes decided on spurts on the screw stock to spurt the silk hole’s the number. Spurts the screw stock blowout with the single-hole is the single-hole long gauze (popular name glass fiber), namely the single-hole silk, it may use in weaving the system transparent feeling strong fabric.

Continuously yarn which makes with the porous spinning jet, called the multifilament long gauze, the abbreviation multifilament. After multifilament twisting, forms has twists continuously yarn, has several twists the continuously yarn to merge again the twisting, forms plied yarn. This plied yarn is composed of filament, therefore also said that duplicate twists the silk thread.

Series three, plied thread

Two or two above Single yarn, twisting together combines the yarn, called the plied yarn, the abbreviation thread. If need, may also gather once more into through merge twisting another yarn, such yarn is called duplicate twists plied thread. The single yarn that is used for making the plied yarn, may be spun fiber, may also be continuously filament. May be identical kind of textile fiber raw material, may also be different textile fiber raw material, may with the same spun fiber, may also not be the same.

Series four, duplicate twists yarn is composed of spun fiber / continuously filament.

It becomes by spun fiber and continuously filament’s combination. The typical product is core yarn, generally it is composed by two kinds of different textile fiber, the gable formation may be the continuously filament textile fiber cover on the spun fiber yarn core, may also be the spun fiber cover on the continuously filament textile fiber core. Adopt this kind of method make the product to result to have composes the textile fiber respectively the characteristic, and obtain the special outward appearance effect at the same time. For example, use polyester/cotton core yarn to weave the flowered fabric, when polyester continuously filament yarn cotton core in fabric (pattern part) gable by acidolysis, it has only been left over the polyester fiber yarn core arbor (polyester fiber in acid liquor stable property). Thus it can form the stereoscopic effect very strong in the fabric pattern surface. Moreover, if makes the core in with the elastic filament, the cotton fiber cover outside it, the dress material which weaves with such yarn on both has the comfortable touch and the high resilience. Along with the improvement of spinning technology, the process development of combined Yarn with spun fiber and continuously filament textile fiber to form also parallel twists gathers, it can simultaneously provide the continuously yarn and spun yarn characteristic. It is suitable for to give dual attention to the different textile fiber, the different aggregate form respective superiority.

Series five, fancy yarn

The fancy yarn or the colorful yarn application is take decorates effect as the main purpose. It usually is carries on the anomalous twisting with spun fiber yarn or continuously yarn, then the yarn un-continual, periodic pattern. The fancy yarn generally is composed of the core, the decoration thread and bends firmly thread. It needs the special machining equipment or special arts and crafts.

The fancy yarn takes decorates effect as the main purpose. It usually carries on the anomalous twisting with spun fiber yarn or continuously yarn. It causes the yarn to obtain un-continual periodic pattern. The fancy yarn generally by the core, the decoration line and bends firmly is composed, needs the special machining equipment or special arts and crafts Fields.

This item is used in apparel, decorate fabric, handcraft weave thread widely.

Series six, textured yarn

The yarn which is composed of normal fiber, lack the incompact and cover performance. It can’t meet the request of gentle and the high resilience attire. But the chemical fiber, specially the synthetic fiber has the structural behavior to be possible to adjust the control the characteristic. The distortion yarn can obtain many styles products. Its processing principle is the synthetic fiber has the distortion characteristic and plasticity after heating and can become a kind of high elastic textured yarn. The yarn has two forms: one pursues spun fiber primarily, called spun fiber yarn. Its characteristic is has swollen volume, feels soft, and has the high compressed elasticity. Like acrylic swollen spun yarn. Another pursues the expansion elasticity primarily. 

It has the big extension strain and distortion reply ability under the small force. It divides into high elasticity and low elasticity according to the tension expansion distortion ability. The high elasticity thread mainly takes the polyamide filament as raw material, the expansion elasticity is big, cover performance is good. It suitable to making tight-fitting clothing, woolen sweater knitted, wool trouser, etc. The low elasticity thread mainly takes the polyester fiber filament as raw material, minority is composed of polypropylene fiber and polyamide fiber 

gathers. It has certain expansion distortion ability, but is lower than the high elasticity far, it provides basically the same outward appearance effect as ordinary continuously yarn. But the touch is soft, can serves as the ordinary dress material. In addition, there is also some textured yarn which makes through other distortion processing method (for example air distortion yarn). They are mostly used in imitating certain characteristics of the natural fiber, in order to makes up the outward appearance, quality of material, durability insufficiencies of ordinary synthetic fiber dress in aspect.

Series seven, other yarns which are used in industry, agriculture, military that take satisfy specially need as the goal, such as curtain thread (be used in making tyre lining cloth), sewing threads, rubber threads, glass threads, film flat threads, cotton threads and so on.


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