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Core-spun Yarn Spinning Method

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There are two kinds of core-spun yarn spinning methods: one is to discharge polyester filaments (or other filaments) on the creel frame of the ordinary spinning frame, and the lower cotton roving (or staple roving) is discharged, and the cotton roving is traversed by the traverse device. Feed the mouth, and then through the drafting device. After the polyester filaments are taken out, the applicator directly on the back side of the front roller roller is combined with the drawn cotton bead without the drafting device, and then twisted into a core yarn by twisting. In the second spinning method, the two filaments are fed to the front roller, and the two filaments are combined with the drawn pure cotton strands to be spun into a core yarn. This spinning method is called a modified core spun yarn or a false core spun yarn. The second spinning method is characterized in that two filaments are located on both sides of the outer edge of the cotton stalk, which increases the cohesion of the short fibers and the filaments, and reduces the wrapping of the cotton fibers on the surface of the yarn by the first method. The polyester filament is in the middle of the yarn, and the cotton fiber has poor cohesion between the filaments, and the phenomenon of "skinning" occurs during weaving. However, in mass production, the first method is generally used because a filament is easily spun into a core yarn containing a large amount of cotton, the woven fabric is comfortable to wear, and a filament is easily spun into a fabric. Fine core-spun yarn, and the core-spun yarn produced by the false core-spun yarn method is just the opposite.

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If the core yarn is made of spandex elastic yarn, when spinning the core spun yarn, a pair of filament feeding rollers are added to the upper creel filament take-up portion, and the surface speed is lower than the front roller surface speed, so that the elastic yarn is obtained. Pre-draw, after the elongation is controlled to a certain extent, the donor and the short fiber strands are joined together to form a core yarn.

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