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Correct Storage Method of Fishing Net

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Fishing nets, including Nylon Monofilament Net, Nylon multifilament Net, as well as fishing equipment consisting of fishing nets (such as fishing cages), are consumables. Learning the correct storage methods will extend their life cycle. Nylon and polyethylene nets have very low UV resistance. After a long time in the sun, there will be a drop in strength, chalking and other phenomena. Normally, some anti-ultraviolet materials (UV) are added to the production materials of fishing nets, but the wear rate is still high. In addition to the natural loss of the sun, during the use of fishing nets, due to its limited structural strength, it is also prone to damage. Holes. Therefore, in order to increase the use of fishing nets, it is necessary to learn how to store and supplement the fishing nets and cages.

Nylon Monofilament Net

After the fishing nets and cages are used, they should first be cleaned to remove mud and fishy attachments. Secondly, metal parts (such as sinkers) that are easy to rust should be removed to prevent them from rusting. The metal parts of the cages are usually electroplated or plastic (sprayed, plasticized), and they should be avoided during use. Then it is a drying net, which should be avoided when drying the net. If the conditions permit, choose a spacious, ventilated, dry place and hang it. It is worth noting that the net after drying should be avoided directly on the ground, but should be placed on a shelf about half a meter away or placed in a wooden box. The place should be kept ventilated and dry. If it is rainy, the door should be closed to prevent the fishing net from getting wet. At the same time, fishing nets should be protected from rodents, insects, etc. during storage, and they should be good at eliminating rodents and pests. Other volatile, corrosive chemicals should not be found where the nets are stored.


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