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Fishing Net Making Method

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The traditional method of making fishing nets, nets with warp and shuttle weft knot formed nodal size is 4 times the diameter of the net rope, highlighting the network plane. This type of network says it has a net. The nodules hit the fish and the ship's side at the time of starting the net, which not only damaged the fish but also caused the wearing of the net. Due to the smooth and elastic chemical fiber, the nodules could easily cause relaxation of the nodules and uneven mesh.

Twist twist method

The two groups of yarns are twist-twisted by the machine at the same time, and the yarns are crossed through each other at the crossing points to form a net. As the net knot yarn at the end without bending, neat formation, reducing friction, but twist twist low efficiency of the machine, the preparation process is complicated, horizontal head is limited, only suitable for weaving a larger network mesh.

Fishing net warp knitting

Usually with 4 to 8 bar raschel warp knitting machines connected into a network of warp, saying warp knot nets. As the warp knitting machine speed is high (600 r / min), knitted mesh wide, horizontal number of up to 800 mesh or more, easy to change specifications, production efficiency several times higher than the previous two methods. Tricot knot nets formation, wear-resistant, light weight, structural stability, knot strength, after the network is not deformed deformed, not loose, can be widely used in fishing at sea, fresh water fishing and aquaculture and various other special purposes .


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