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Five Mistakes That Skiers Are Most Likely To Make

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Mistake 1: The body leans back

Sitting behind the center of gravity means that the second half of the snowboard is stressed, and the speed will be faster and faster. If you are confused and uneasy, forget the brakes or turn, you can only fall.

The correct way: the top of the calf is in front of the snowshoe, and the weight of the body is mainly concentrated on the forefoot, which allows you to balance into the snow.

Mistake 2: The body tilt method is wrong

Practice turning, parallel braking, etc., all need to be assisted by the inclination of the body. If the body is not tilted, the movement will be poor.

The right approach: As shown, in order to make the action more efficient, you need to make your body focus beyond the snowboard.

Mistake 3: Ass turbulence

This is a subconscious mistake. They are afraid that the weight will be on the skis, and the hips will be twisted in different directions with the upper body, causing the body to change its center of gravity.

The correct approach: the hips should be consistent with the direction of the body's center of gravity.

Mistake 4: The body stays still when going downhill

Many people think that body movements must always be consistent with the snowboard. But in fact, the slope of the body should be consistent with the slope of the two skis.

Mistake 5: Eyes are always staring at the skis

Your attention should be on the front, so look up and look forward. For snowboarding, you have to feel rather than stare.

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