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General yarn thread knowledge introduction

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                                          General yarn thread knowledge introduction

In short, "yarn thread count" refers to the degree of yarn fineness, which is still commonly used in China in the "British system": a pound (454 grams) of cotton yarn thread (or other component yarn thread) with a length of 840 yards (0.9144 yards/m), the yarn fineness is one. If a pound of yarn thread is 10 x 840 yards long, its fineness is 10, and so on.

Representation method of # yarn thread count

The British symbol is the English letter "S"

The representation of single yarn thread is 32 single yarns  threads- 32S

Thirty-two strands (twisted together) are 32S/2 and 42 strands and three strands are 42S/3.

Yarns threads of textile fabrics:

To understand clothing fabrics, we must first understand what is yarn thread and what is yarn, because any textile fabrics are made up of yarn thread.

The so-called yarn thread: not only is the textile fibers arranged in parallel, and twisted products. The product of twisting two or more yarns is called yarn thread or strand.


Classification of yarns threads

There are many classifications of yarns threads. Here we only introduce the general classifications of yarns threads.


According to spinning process, it can be divided into combed yarn thread, carding yarn and semi-combed yarn thread.


According to yarn thread dyeing and finishing and post-processing classification can be divided into: this white yarn, bleached yarn thread,

Dyed yarn thread, glossy yarn thread, mercerized yarn thread and so on. C) Classified by yarn thread thickness (yarn thread count), such as roving, medium count, spinning and high count yarns threads.

The fineness, thickness, weight and grade of textile fabrics, in which the yarn thread fineness is one of the decisive factors

Fabric structure:

All kinds of shuttle fabrics are interwoven by warp and weft yarns according to certain rules, which is called weave.

Warp yarn thread- yarn thread arranged vertically (parallel to the selvage).

Weft - yarn thread arranged horizontally (perpendicular to the edge of the cloth).

The number of warp and weft yarns threads can be expressed by warp * weft yarn thread. For example, 20 warp yarns and 16 weft yarns threads of a fabric can be expressed as 20S * 16S.

Density of fabrics

Fabric density refers to the number of warp or weft yarns threads per unit length of fabric.

Density is divided into warp density and weft density, referred to as warp density and weft density. In China, the measurement method is generally expressed by the number of yarns threads in the length of 1 inch (2.54 cm).

For example, the warp density of a fabric is 128 units per inch, and the weft density is 60 units per inch.

Warp density * weft density

cotton yarn (10)


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