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How Does A Fishing Net Tie A Knot?

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When fishing nets are manufactured, some anti-ultraviolet materials will be added to improve the performance of fishing nets. What is the knotting method of fishing nets?

The traditional knotting method is to knit the warp and weft threads in the net by shuttle, thus becoming a knot. This way of shuttle can highlight the plane of the net more. The only disadvantage is that the knotting place is prominent, which may hurt the fish when the net is collected. If live fish are needed, it is not recommended to choose this kind of fishing net. If it is fine weaving, this knotting method is more complex, mainly using certain auxiliary tools to tie the warp yarn into a net. This knotting method has a larger net, and the area that can be fished is naturally not small. It is suitable for fishing at sea. Another method of knotting is to use the machine's twisting method, two machines operate at the same time, and cross knot at the junction of the two machines. It is suitable for fishermen with a large number of fishing.

After using the fishing net, it should be cleaned, mud and greasy attachments should be removed, and rusty metal parts should be removed to prevent the net from rusting.

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