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How Textile Yarn Thread Enterprises Stand In The New Media Environment (1)

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Everyone in the current situation is deeply feeling the profound changes of media pattern, public opinion ecology and public opinion generating mechanism. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that promoting the integration and development of the media and building the whole media have become an urgent issue facing us. In recent years, more and more enterprises and organizations actively use the new media in textile industry, but at the same time, we also notice that there are many difficulties in the content selection and platform use of these enterprises and institutions.

Textile Headlines | Under the New Media Environment, Why Textile Yarn Thread Enterprises Stand Up? 

The first training course on new media communication in textile and apparel industry will be held!

Based on this situation, from May 29 to 31, China Textile Industry Federation News Center and China Textile Industry Federation Journal Textile and Garment Weekly gave full play to the resource advantages of trade associations and professional media, organized a large number of experts, scholars and professionals, based on the industry, and based on practical and applied teaching, set up the "First Training Course on New Media Communication in Textile and Garment Industry". On May 29, the training course was officially opened in Beijing Fashion College.

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This training course focuses on industry situation analysis, enterprise emergency response, the quality of Enterprise News spokespersons; the impact of new media technology on modern enterprises; how to make use of new media to make enterprises bigger and stronger; enterprise new media practical skills and communication case analysis; the focus of enterprise propaganda copywriting; enterprise public opinion analysis and network communication; and Industry News photography technology. Qiao and many other new media work system problems are analyzed and answered in detail to help textile enterprises open up channels of external propaganda, grasp emergency media plans, broaden their horizons, and further enhance the overall level of news propaganda and business capabilities of the textile yarn thread industry.

On the morning of the 29th, Sun Huaibin, Vice President and Spokesperson of China Textile Yarn Thread Industry Federation, Xu Feng, Executive Vice President and Chief Editor of Textile and Garment Weekly Magazine, Wang Qi, General Manager of Beifu Innovation Park, Director of Information Platform, Director of Fast-hand Science and Technology Content and many other industry experts, as well as from Huafu, Lutai, Hengli, Ordos, Ningfang Group and Tangshan Sanyou Group Ruyi, Xuelian Group, Ai, Shuyang, Jimo, Humen, Changshu Tianhong Garment City and other major enterprises, clusters and professional market propaganda responsible persons, a total of more than 60 people attended the opening ceremony of the training course, and Liu Ping, vice president of Textile and Clothing Weekly Magazine, presided over the ceremony.

Textile Headlines | Under the New Media Environment, Why Textile Enterprises Stand Up? The first training course on new media communication in textile and apparel industry will be held.

Grasp the macro situation of the industry of yarn thread.

Polyester thread (1)(10)

Define the Place of Enterprise Propaganda

Xu Feng, executive vice president and editor-in-chief of Textile and Garment Weekly magazine, first said in his speech that information is ubiquitous, ubiquitous and unused, and news and public opinion work is facing new opportunities and challenges. The era of mobile interconnection brings countless successful opportunities to enterprises, but at the same time, it also makes many traditional enterprises withdraw from this new change. Therefore, holding new media training courses is not only necessary for the development of enterprises, but also inevitable for the industry to change its development thinking under the environment of all-media.

(to be continued)


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