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How Textile Yarn Thread Enterprises Stand In The New Media Environment (2)

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How Textile Yarn Thread Enterprises Stand In The New Media Environment (2)
Jun 05, 2019


As a journal of China Textile Industry Federation, Textile Yarn thread Clothing Weekly has an unshirkable responsibility for the development of the industry. New Media Training Course is a new carrier for the weekly to interact with the industry. Yarn thread clothing weekly hopes to understand the achievements and difficulties of enterprises in the industry through interaction with enterprises, clusters and markets. At the same time, from the perspective of media, it will provide more case-based, empirical reference and solutions for the development of yarn thread clothing industry in China, and break through the bottleneck of upstream and downstream communication of enterprises in the industry.

To engage in industry propaganda work, first of all, we should have a clear understanding of national policies and industry situation, grasp the correct direction and methods of propaganda, which is the foundation of enterprise media workers. Sun Huaibin, vice president and spokesman of the China Textile Yarn thread Industry Federation, delivered a speech, focusing on two aspects: establishing macro-awareness of the development of China's textile industry and what qualities should be possessed by journalists in the textile yarn thread industry.

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Textile yarn thread headline | Under the new media environment, how can textile enterprises stand up? The first training course on new media communication in textile and apparel industry was held.

Firstly, in view of the macro-consciousness of the development of China's textile yarn threads industry, Sun Huaibin elaborated from the history of China's textile yarn threads industry that China's textile industry is a long-standing industry, a dynamic industry, and extended to the development status of China's textile yarn threads industry, which presents the industrial layout clustering, industrial market countries. Internationalization and many other characteristics.

At present, as enterprise media workers, it is necessary to clarify that China's yarn thread industry has a new direction and pursuit - focusing on the high-quality development throughout the development of the entire industry; at the same time, we should take "innovation-driven science and technology industry, culture-led fashion industry, responsibility-oriented green industry" as a new orientation of China's textile industry, as a judgment of enterprises. Guidelines for the direction of development and publicity.

Sun Huaibin pointed out that enterprise media workers should learn and master relevant political theory, economic theory, industrial theory and news theory. These theories are the criteria for judging social and industrial events. Without theoretical support, simple perception can easily lead to misjudgment.

At the end of the speech, Sun Huaibin put forward his hope to the participants that enterprise media workers should become wise, responsible and confident industry propagandists.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

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Analysis of what is the main points of enterprise news propaganda

The first yarn thread clothing industry new media communication training course lasted for three days. "The birth of Wechat Public has become a turning point in the development of Chinese media, which gives everyone the right to produce content." Wu Chengguang, editor-in-chief of one piece of information, made an intuitive analysis of the development of Chinese media. "The trend of lowering the threshold of content production is irreversible. Enterprise media workers must recognize the reality and act in accordance with the situation." However, Wu Chengguang does not recommend that enterprise media workers establish media platforms such as APP by themselves. Its maintenance cost is not proportional to the communication function, but should pay more attention to content production.

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Wu Chengguang combed the production of high quality content from four aspects: topic selection, interview, writing and packaging. If you can't grasp the exclusive information, the unique reporting angle is very important. Taking the specific article as an example, it vividly shows you how to explore the reporting angle of news events. The objectives of interview-interview are divided into four levels, and the importance decreases in turn. They are the core content provided by authoritative personages, the core content (authoritative personages do not appear), and the authoritative personage. In writing, we should pay attention to the expression of logic, including time logic, space logic and causal logic. In the new media era, causal logic is particularly important. In writing, we should first inform the reader of the results, and then explain and analyze them, so as to grasp the eyeball most efficiently. Packaging, that is, the title, has three realms: authenticity and causality. Simple and brilliant, Wu Chengguang explained what a good title is and how to make a good title with many cases. For industrial enterprises, we should pay attention to the combination of macroeconomic environment and their own enterprises, skillfully "reveal" their own enterprises, but also pay attention to the connection between themselves and end-users, and the public, and do a good job of self-publicity.

Textile yarn thread headlines | Under the new media environment, how does the textile yarn thread enterprise stand? The first training course on new media communication in textile and apparel industry will be held! Textile Headlines | Under the New Media Environment, Why Textile Enterprises Stand Up? The first training course on new media communication in textile and apparel industry was held.

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In the afternoon of the same day, the training course continued, and the three-day course also hired Xia Xiangde, Director of Fast-Handed Science and Technology Content, Tang Yuanqing, Professor of Media Review and Public Opinion Guidance Research Center of China Media University, Professor of Journalism College and Ph.D. supervisor, Executive Secretary of China Industry Newspaper Association, founder of Media Tea Party, Liu Canguo, part-time professor of Journalism College of Lanzhou University, and Xinhua News Agency. Many industry authorities, such as Li Xue, editor-in-chief of think tank New Media, will teach yarn thread students and organize them to visit People's Daily's Central Kitchen, Love Company and National Garment Museum.


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