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How To Distinguish The Quality Of PE Braided Fishing Line Quality?

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Sea fishing refers to fishing at the seaside. The main targets of sea fishing are squid, yellow croaker, squid, squid, grouper, squid, etc. Since the fish in the sea are saltwater fish, they are more ferocious and more greedy than freshwater fish. Eat, so you need a stronger fishing line to deal with it.

The fishing line market is mixed, and all kinds of brands, in the end, how to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of PE BRAIDED NET .

First of all, from the price can be judged, the market price is indeed very important, but when the price of the commodity itself is lower than its value, we should rationally understand that there is a problem with this product!

1. From the raw material, the raw material of PE TWISTED FISH NET should be 100% ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber. The price of this raw material is expensive. Some manufacturers in order to reduce the cost, some polyester fibers are mixed and weaved together, we must know polyester. The cost is very cheap, and the consequence is that the pull is completely out of demand.

2. From the knitting process, the braided wire is required to be full and round, so it must be compact. The 4th method is similar to the square, and the eight is close to the circle. If the weaving is loose, it will lead to uneven line. , the weight per meter is not up to standard.

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