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How To Make Up The Hole In The Fishing Net?

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In the process of using the Nylon Matching Fishing Net, it is inevitable that there will be holes. The user must take corresponding repair measures according to the degree of damage to the fishing net.

When repairing, the fishing net should be sorted first, straightened and hung in the longitudinal direction, and then climbed, so that the upper and lower ends are repaired with one foot, and then the patched cable is pulled out at the upper end of one foot. Compiled, straight to the end of a single foot. Sometimes to increase the speed of repair, for experienced people, you can not trim, and when you make up, some eyes become two lines. For PP Knotless Net, heavy line editing is often used. If there is an increase or decrease in the form of damage to the fishing net, in the compilation, attention should be paid to the purpose of the increase and decrease of the original net piece and the increase or decrease of the target period.

If the side of the fishing net is damaged, you should know the cutting cycle on the side or increase or decrease the eye cycle. When trimming the fishing net at the end of the shot, the edges can be trimmed to the side or the blink, and the line of the complement is on the side. The upper foot can also be supplemented with a single foot at the upper end of the edge, and the complement line is supplemented on this single foot.

How To Make Up The Hole In The Fishing Net?


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