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How to Use Hand Cast Net?

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Hand cast nets are also called hand throw nets and rotary nets. They are suitable for shallow seas, rivers, lakes, ponds, single or double fishing operations. Normally,high strength nylon cast nets are widely used.

Nylon Monofilament Casting Nets are used for fishing nets for shallow seas, rivers and lakes. Nylon hand throw nets have the advantages of beauty and long service life. However, some people often do not know how to spread them. This makes hand throw net fishing. The number of them has been greatly reduced. To this common question of how to spread the hand and throw nets, I will give you two simple ways:

Two Scattering Laws: The left hand holds the fishing net rake and about one-third of the net mouth. The right hand hangs the net rake on the thumb. This is the most important way to use the thumb to hook the net. Open the mouth. Then hold the remaining part of the net. Keep both hands at a convenient distance. The left side of your body is right-handed and spread out with your right hand. Send the left-hand net to the right and hold the net with your right thumb. . Learn how to practice slowly. Characteristic is to get dirty clothes, and can operate in chest and deep water.

Turning the law: Take care of the net, lift the leftmost part, and hang it on the left elbow about 50 cm away from the mouth. Hold the 1/3 net on the left hand flat end, and hold the 1/3 more with the right hand. When you cast the net, Send right hand, left elbow, and left hand. Features are fast, easy to dirty, suitable for shallow water, suitable for beginners.

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