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Introduce Three Common Fishing Spots For Sea Fishing

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Sea fishing is a way for fishing enthusiasts to fish. The fishing method of sea fishing is the same as the fishing method in lakes, pits and other places. It is very varied and flexible.Fishing Nylon Casting Net Manufacturer will introduce three kinds of sea fishing commonly used skills below.

First, the beach fishery

Beach fisheries are usually on the beaches or on the slopes of the sea or the bay. Fishing at this fishing spot is relatively safe, but we must not neglect the law of tides and tides when we do sea fishing.

At high tide, the sea fish will flock to the shore to find something to eat. At this time, sea fishing is the best time. After throwing 40 to 50 meters, while watching the sea fish rushing to eat, and timely lifting, closing, and fish;

Second, the rock fishing ground

Rock reef fishing grounds are also used for fishing in the sea or on the reefs of the sea. This is what we often say about rock fishing. The fishing is generally used for throwing rafts. The length of the raft is more than 4 meters, and the throwing distance is about 50 to 60 meters. And the strength can be more than 80 meters to more than 100 meters.

The rocky reefs at the seaside generally have a water depth of about 10 meters. The reefs on the seabed have various plankton, such as seaweeds, insects, mollusks, and a large number of small fish and shrimps. So many fish will feed here. Or breed. These sea fish are of different sizes and like to live in groups. When they encounter food, they will catch up. Therefore, fishing in this place is absolutely considerable.

Third, sea fishing

Boat fishing is very common in foreign countries as well as in Taiwan. There are still some differences between boat fishing and freshwater boat fishing at sea. The key to sea fishing is to be familiar with some of the living habits of marine fish, that is, to identify areas where fish can inhabit or forage in the sea.

For sea fishing, there must be necessary handcuffs and corresponding fishing gear. It must also be equipped with a fishing truss, Fishing Polyethylene Rope and a large hand wheel. Fishing for big fish depends on fishing rafts and hand-wheels. Most of the marine fish move collectively. Once the fish has left the fishing area, the sea fishing enthusiasts should shift the fishing spot.


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