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Is It Better To Use Nylon Monofilament Net Or PE Braided Net?

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There are two kinds of fishing nets commonly used in fishing:NYLON MONOFILAMENT NET and PE braided nets, among which nylon nets are the most common and widely used;PE BRAIDED NET are made of fine monofilaments; nylon nets and PE braided nets have different advantages and disadvantages, and there is no better kind of fishing nets, which should be used according to the target fish and fishing conditions. To choose.

Nylon mesh is suitable for fresh water because of its good ductility, good memory (the ability to restore the original state after stretching), high elasticity and good water cut; shortcomings: water absorption after the pull value loss, easy aging under light, alkali resistance and acid resistance. Nylon nets are often used for fishing individuals below 20 kg, especially in rod competitions. The better extension of nylon line can protect the rod. The cutting performance ensures that the bait and floatation are in place quickly, while the flexibility is more conducive to the entrance of fish when they eat bait.

The advantages of PE braided net are: large pull value; disadvantages: easy to twist, poor flexibility, no ductility. PE braided line is often used for fishing large fish of more than 30 kg, such as sturgeon, bighead, blue fish, etc. Because the pull value of the strong horse line is large, the rod needs greater strength, and the rod can not be broken because the strength is not enough.

In addition, the fishing line group is divided into two parts, the main line and the sub-line. Usually the number of the sub-line is two smaller than the main line, which ensures that the tangent line can protect the line group and the fishing rod when the pull value is too large. But when fishing big, many fishermen like to use the through line. If the sub-line of the small size is selected, the tangent line will run. No compensation, there is no special requirement for the main line color, sub-line closer to fish, try to choose transparent and colorless; strong horse line basically has color, sub-line do not use too bright can.

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