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Is Nylon Mesh The Same As Vinyl Mesh?

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Firstly, it is analyzed from the material: nylon mesh is made of chemical fiber such as nylon wire, nylon yarn, polyester yarn and nano-strand, which is processed by wire mesh. The vinyl mesh is an anti-aging method. Polyethylene, which is a chemical raw material that is resistant to ultraviolet rays and other chemical additives, is a mesh fabric made by wire drawing.

Secondly, it is analyzed from the effect: nylon has the function of high temperature and alkali resistance, and polyethylene has the effect of acid resistance;

Then from the functional analysis:Nylon Monofilament Net is widely used in plant shading, marine aquaculture, flour processing, nylon screen printing, pharmaceutical, paint filtration, well pipe, etc.; vinyl mesh is mainly used in window screening, greenhouse insect nets, flower breeding, etc. .

It can be seen that the nylon mesh and the vinyl mesh are different, but the nylon mesh is a general term for these chemical fiber woven meshes. The nylon mesh includes: nylon mesh,Polyester Knotted Net, and shade net.

Although vinyl mesh is a kind of nylon mesh, each has its own effect, and customers can choose different products according to their actual use.

The following points should be noted when using nylon mesh:

(1) Compared with polyester and silkworm mesh, nylon mesh has a large elongation. In order not to cause printing failure, the tension of the stretcher should be increased, and the contraction force will also become larger. Therefore, it is required to use a strong frame and a stretcher;

(2) Because of its low heat, if the net is fixed on the frame by hot melt method, the operation is difficult;

(3) Not resistant to strong acid, phenol, cresol, formic acid, etc.;

(4) Poor light resistance, easy to degrade under the action of ultraviolet rays, and avoiding light when storing.

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