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Is There Any Attention To The Color Of The Fishing Line?

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The color of the fishing line is related to the amount of fish caught.

1. In terms of the relationship between the spectrum and water, since the red enters the shallow water layer and is absorbed, and the yellow and purple can penetrate into the deeper water layer, the fish is not sensitive to the red color, but Yellow, blue, purple, and green are more sensitive. The green color is the same as the color of the water grass. Although it is sensitive, it is not objectionable. Maybe ask: Fish is not sensitive to red, so why is red carp fishing the most spiritual? According to the "fishing encyclopedia" by Matsuzaki, Japan, the squid fish is mainly effective by stimulating the smell and taste of the fish by its rich protein and body mucus odor. If the fish in the dark water can recognize the color, it is unthinkable. As for saying that the number of red is good, it may be an illusion.

2. From the phenomenon, the line color and the water color are consistent or close to each other, and the effect is better. For example, the water quality is clearer than the clear white line, the water quality is higher than the gray line, and the green water or the green grass in the water pond is not avoided by the fish as a foreign object.

3. Some sea otters have such tests: red, yellow and green flowers are more numerous than white ones, and the difference between the two is very different. According to analysis, the flower line may give the fish an illusion in the water, and does not think it is a solid object. Another squid fisherman found that in the case of a number of white lines scattered side by side, there are often more fish on the left and right edges. The reason is that fish may have a habit of not crossing the line. If this reason exists, it is further confirmed that the experience of the flower line falling in love with fish is correct. Of course, this may be related to water quality and water, not necessarily applicable to all water bodies.

1, fishing line

It is the line hanging on the fishing rod when fishing. Similar to the silk spit out of a spider, it is very thin but strong. Fishing lines are a type of line commonly used in life. Fishing lines are not just for fishing, but we also use the things we tie in our lives.

2, the choice of fishing line

The boxed fishing line sold on the market is mainly nylon thread. Competitive fishing is very particular about the use of the line, and the thickness of the change is often between 0.1 plus or minus. For example, according to the condition of the fish, the best line is 0.4 big line and 0.2 line. If you use the 0.2 line, the actual number is 0.5, this combination will not start. The expected effect, and the "reverse pull" configuration of the sub-line thicker than the big line will also cause the big line to cut off.

When buying a fishing line, in addition to looking at the brand and the label, you have to personally check the diameter and strength of the line. There are no inspection tools for fishermen on the market, only the outer diameter micrometer and spring balance can be used for testing.

When detecting the fishing line, first check the flatness, restorability and softness of the line body by hand. Observe the transparency of the line body at the light, and then measure the diameter and tension of the line. If the wire diameter and tension are not significantly different from the specified value of this label, the wire diameter is not more than 10%, and the tension is not more than 10%. This line is acceptable (there is no finer than the label on the market, A fishing line larger than the standard pull is sold).

When purchasing a fishing line, it is best to actually test its pulling force. The method is to use the cloth bag to install sand, the sling line is lifted, and the weight of the sand when the line is broken is the actual pulling force of the line, and it can be judged whether it is qualified by comparing it with the standard of calibration. In addition, the line is twisted into a group, squeezed with both hands, and then released to see if it can automatically recover in an instant, and quickly recover without creases, indicating that the line is flexible. At the same time, we must also observe whether there is any serious injury or looseness. If it is a colored flower line, you should use your hand to see if it fades. After inspection, as long as the signs of defective products are found, do not buy.

3, fishing line

Main line: Take the fishing line according to the length of the rod, then string the small pieces according to the number and order below, two space beans, one floating seat, three space beans, one lead space seat, one space bean, and finally a character on the tail line. ring. In the other line, fold a double-strand line of about 15 cm, knot the ends, and leave a distance of 7-8 cm between the two knots. When hanging the rod, use two fingers to pass through the double


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