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Major Breakthroughs In Yarn Thread Dyeing Technology In China

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The Science and Technology Department of China Textile Industry Association organized experts to hold an appraisal meeting on the project of "adopting cold-packed yarn dyeing method" in Jiangsu Changzhou Junhong Dyeing and Finishing Co., Ltd. 

An innovative yarn thread dyeing technology has attracted wide attention in the industry. 

The yarn thread cold pad-batch dyeing method independently developed by Changzhou Junhong Dyeing and Finishing Co., Ltd. can reduce the water consumption of traditional warp-axle tube dyeing method to 120-160 tons per ton of yarn thread, to about 13 tons per ton of yarn, and save more than 90% of water.

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At the meeting, experts agreed that the project breaks through the traditional intermittent dipping and dyeing methods of bobbin yarn thread and skein yarn thread, realizes the semi-continuous dyeing process of yarn thread cold pad-batch, and is a major innovation of yarn thread dyeing technology. 

The technology has obvious effect in saving water, electricity and labor cost, and the product quality is stable. 

The project has obvious energy saving and emission reduction effect and good economic and social benefits, which conforms to the social development trend and has broad market prospects. 

The results of the project have reached the international advanced level.

According to the introduction, traditional cotton yarn thread dyeing has always used dipping dyeing method for cheese yarn thread and warp spindle yarn dyeing, and cold pad batch dyeing method for yarn is adopted in Changzhou Junhong Project, which changes from intermittent dyeing to semi-continuous dyeing. 

This method is the first pad dyeing method at home and abroad. It is also the first time that cold pad-batch process is applied to dyeing yarn thread. 

At present, the project has applied for seven patents (three inventions and four practical ones), and all of them have been accepted, of which two practical patents have been certified.

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Changzhou Junhong Chairman Yang Lixin is very confident about this project. He said that the technology will become a new economic growth point for Junhong, Changzhou. 

In 2007, Junhong Changzhou designed a set of cold-binding and heap-dyeing equipment for pure cotton yarn thread. In December 2007, experts organized by China Cotton Textile Industry Association demonstrated the feasibility and development prospects of the project. In November 2008, China Textile Industry Association established the project as a science and technology guiding project.

Yang Lixin introduced that under the background of building an environment-friendly and resource-saving society, the technology has many advantages. First of all, the discharge of sewage has been greatly reduced. 

At present, dyeing a ton of yarn thread by the method of axle-tube dyeing consumes about 120-160 tons of water. 

After using this method, the water consumption per ton of yarn thread is about 13 tons. 

Second, less energy consumption and lower costs. 

Compared with the existing equipment, the consumption of water, electricity, steam, dyes and chemicals, labor and other resources has been reduced by more than half. 

The cost of production of existing dipping and dyeing equipment, including water, electricity, dyes and chemicals, wages and so on, is generally around 8500 yuan/ton. 

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The production cost of this equipment is about 3500 yuan/ton. 

Third, low investment in equipment. This technology invests about 15 million yuan in a set of equipment, which can dye 15-25 tons of yarn thread per day based on 16 hours of normal start-up, while the same output of tubing and warp-shaft equipment invests more than 50 million yuan. 

Fourth, the operation is simple. 

The equipment does not need to control the temperature, time, bath ratio, the dosage of sodium bicarbonate and sodium bicarbonate, but only the concentration of dye solution and the speed of the vehicle. 

In addition, after testing, the dyeing fastness (white cloth staining and rubbing fastness) of the yarns threads produced by this technology meets the international requirements. 

It is suitable for mass production and small batch multi-color dyeing machines. 

Patents have also been applied and drawings have been completed. It can be used to develop multi-color dyeing, chemical fiber (blended) yarn thread dyeing and mercerizing continuous dyeing. 

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