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Method Of Compilation Of Fishing Nets

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Pole is spliced with hard wood, 1.5-2.5 meters long. The net needs to be tethered to both sides of the current, using the current to open the net mouth. According to the catch of the high net, the height of the tethered net - that is, the distance to the shore - is formally tethered to the valley after the rain. Hanging network, altar network need to fight to tethering. Necessary - the second scored, if one did not hit or hit crooked, that cut off the root rope, will abandoned. The same as with the net, the net by a number of mesh folded every synthetic cone, the mesh made of a network of sutures, the combination also set a shrimp beard. Gill network outline, mesh outline, mesh outline, fork outline, root rope, each net with two large jar as buoyancy, two bamboo poles as branch pole.

The jar size is 13.9x 5,3 meters. When fishing nets hitting, use two plates in small flood advection when the link.

The whole network by the network, network composed of two parts. wooden, rough on the next tip, 40 to 50 centimeters long, the top of a 15 cm diameter raised sticks, in order to tethered root rope. First put up the pole, the end of the iron sets of wooden sticks protruding sticks at the top, and then by the boss palm, 12 fishermen clamper, suddenly hit the seabed, the into the sea sediment. Net mouth at the bottom of both sides of the root rope set with clogs, nets homework and net the same way, are each year according to the height of the Qingming try tethering.


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