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Method Of Fishing Net Mending

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 Fishing Nylon Rope repairing refers to repairing nets with the same specifications of fishing nets. The most common technology that fishermen and PE braided Fishing Net FACTORY come into contact with is "catch up". For fishing net manufacturers, whether netted or not, in the process of netting, or in the process of finalizing, storing and handling, there will always be holes in the fishing net. For fishery practitioners, the technology of net replenishment is even more indispensable, because fishing nets often break up in fishing operations. Its frequency is proportional to the number of fishing. Whether dragging, encircling or positioning are used, damage is inevitable. It is during the storage of fishing nets that similar situations occur due to improper storage or animal pecking. Therefore, to ensure the normal fishing, mesh repair work is very important.

In order to make full use of meshes, broken and broken meshes should be repaired. Therefore, repairing meshes has become one of the important basic technologies that fishermen and fishing net factories need to master.

There are generally three steps in repairing fishing nets:

1. First of all, observe the damage of the mesh. The damage of the mesh is various and the degree is different. There are roughly three types: hole, crack and inclined edge rupture. According to the situation, after proper arrangement, the fishing line is used to repair.

2. The repair method is determined according to the shape and size of the hole.

3. It is not only of good quality but also of high speed to use appropriate repair methods to repair.

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