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Net Fishing Nets Use Method And Skills

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There are many ways to cast nets, some of them have been lost, but there are only two purposes for spreading nets, one is far waters and the other is near waters. The methods of spreading and spreading are different, and we compare Common hands to the net method, a brief introduction, first of all net cylinder rope and the above network clockwise O-ring around the left hand, the left hand lift the fish net, the right hand will be the following fish nets spread, the right hand raised near the middle part of the mesh A piece of mesh line, clutching the left hand, this time with the right hand fingers will be divided into two parts of the fishnet division, and then divided into left and right hand, his hands flat fishnet, left and right hand spacing 40CM, eye observation within 10M front of the water surface cleaning Spread out in parallel.

Spread far and near scattered somewhat different, near sprinkle his hands open the network of action, and spread far is the network cast a certain distance, the fish nets rely on inertia to open the net on their own, Large force, the front of the net fish sorting method is the same as throwing the right hand online mention, left hand grasp the right hand below the 20CM fishnet, similar to the hammering posture, and then double-wall swing, so that the network buffer, and then to the angle of 30 degrees Throwing, fishing nets slowly spread within the first 10M range, 10-15M when fully open and into the water, cast nets need hand, waist, eye coordination, initially slowly understand, from near and far, it should be noted that Every time we have to clean the leaves, weeds and other debris inside the net pocket to prevent the fishing nets and sprinkle inseparable.


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