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Standard Badminton Net Specifications

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The Badminton Net is 6.10 meters long and 76 centimeters wide. It is made of high quality dark natural or man-made fiber. The mesh size is between 15-20 mm. The upper edge of the net should be sewed with 75 wide double white cloth and thin steel wire rope. Or the nylon rope passes through the interlayer and is firmly hung between the two net columns. The standard net should be tan or grass green. The net column is 1.55 meters high. Whether it is single or double, the two net columns should be placed at the midpoint of the sideline of the doubles. In the official competition, the upper edge of the net must be 1.524 meters high from the ground and 1.55 meters high at both ends of the net. The material of the net is a nylon rope with less stretchability. The mesh is square and has a side length of 15 to 20 mm and is evenly distributed. The upper edge of the net is covered by a 75 mm wide white cloth strip. There is no gap between the ends of the net and the post. And the specifications of the net used in the men's and women's competitions are exactly the same.

The characteristics of the net:

1 The net should be woven with dark, high quality string. The mesh is square and each side is between 15-20 mm long.

2 The width of the net is 760 mm.

3 The top of the net is folded in half with a 75 mm white cloth and passed through the interlayer with a rope or wire. The upper edge of the white cloth edge must be close to the rope or steel wire.

4 The rope or wire must be of sufficient length and strength to be securely tightened and level with the top of the post.

5 The center of the stadium is 1.524 meters high, and the net height of the doubles is 1.55 meters.

6 Both ends of the net must be fastened to the post, and there should be no gap between them.

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