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Tennis Net Protection Net Introduction

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Tennis net includesDouble Deck Structure Tennis Nets, Heat Setting Tennis Net. The information below is the basic introduction of tennis net.

1. The tennis court protective net is generally composed of a net body, a side rope, and a tether. Used to prevent people and objects from falling, or to avoid or reduce the fall and physical damage.

2. The tennis court protective net is made of net ropes and has a diamond or square mesh. The distance between two knots adjacent to the knitted fabric is called the mesh size; the net rope at the edges of the anti-drop net is called the edge rope.

3. The size (nominal size) of the tennis net is determined by the size of the side rope; the rope fixed on the support is called a tether. In addition, any rope used to increase the strength of the fall prevention net is collectively referred to as a tendon rope.

Tennis Net Protection Net

4. The material of the tennis court protective net requires a small specific gravity, high strength, good wear resistance, high elongation and strong durability. In addition, it should have a certain degree of weather resistance, and its strength will not drop too much after moisture and humidity. The safety net is mainly made of chemical fiber.

5. The fall prevention net must use the same material for all net ropes on the same sheet. The wet strength ratio of all materials must not be lower than 75%. In general, synthetic fibers such as vinylon and nylon are used as mesh cords.

6. Anti-fall tennis net product size can be customized according to customer requirements.


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