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The Habits And Sea Fishing Of Grouper

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Groupers are mainly distributed in the South China Sea, with a wide variety of species. They are the target species for sea fishing enthusiasts on the South China Sea.POLYESTER KNOTTED NET MANUFACTURER has compiled some sea fishing methods for groupers here. Let me introduce them to the fishing friends.

First, the grouper's habit

Grouper is a warm-water bottom fish that prefers to settle. It does not like long-distance migration. It only moves with the tide and temperature changes, and generally does not leave the sea where it inhabits and preys. It has a large mouth, a sharp tip, a fierce temperament, and a happy eating, but fear of the wind, fear of the waves, joy, and warmth. From April to June, it is a breeding season. It is less foraging and difficult to catch. From July to September, it is the season for laying eggs after spawning. At this time, as long as the fishing method is right on the shore and on the shore, it can be caught everywhere.

Second, the sea fishing grouper fishing method

(1) Floating fishing

When the line is put into the water, the water floats with the fishing line to sink quickly. First, the bait can avoid the harassment of the upper layer of small fish. Second, the water drift and wave drift play a matching role, not afraid of wind, waves, and rush. Stabilize the sensitivity of wave drift. At this time, the brain line and the bait below the ring will move slowly with the movement of the current, which is very attractive for the group of stones hidden in the reef hole. When you find that Apo drifts into the water for the first time, you can't lift it. After a while, it will float again and sink into the water until you can't see the float. In such a scenario, it is more exciting to have a luminous stick on the float at night.

(2) Dock hand line fishing method

Fishing at the dock, it is best to choose a corner or a pillar that protrudes from the pier to block the tidal water. Since the dock is generally perpendicular to the water surface and is higher from the shore, there is no flexible operation of the hand-operated fishing method.

After hooking the grouper, you can't put the line. First, when the grouper flees in the seam, there are many sharp oyster shells on the edge of the stone seam, which is easy to cut the fishing line. Second, the stone spots become more powerful and more powerful after entering the stone seam. It is very difficult to ask for it when it comes out. Therefore, the thick main line, the fire line and the gloves are very necessary.

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