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The application of the circulative a new use yarn

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Cherish environment, cherish life. In the movement of successful study of anew-resource. We begin to discuss and try to prove the maneuverability of the anew circulative used yarn in the sewing thread field.

Along with the development of green foodstuff, we also need introduce the idea to our textile industry. If we can catch it successfully, then we can emerge our advantaged green idea and occupy the market.

Nowadays, we sparkplug economy revolution, and sparkplug use anew circulative used resource.

Compare with fresh polyester material, anew polyester material can reduce 80% consume of energy sources, can reduce lots of scale of CO2, and produce the yarn per ton can retrench six tons base oil.

PET plastic bottle waste hasn’t resolvability, it’s considered as a major source of pollution to the Earth's ecology. The environmental and renewable fiber, adopt high-end environmental recycling technologies, use the recycling plastic bottles as the raw materials, then recycling, compression, Cleaning, sorting, crushing, washing, drying, spinning, cooling-wire, drawing, curly, dry, cut off. After that, we can produce fiber, filament, Yarn. Not only effective in saving resource, but also to do more to protect the Earth's largest energy. To the recovery of plastic bottles and waste of raw materials for polyester textiles produced the most environmentally-friendly green products. Its use of the latest environmentally friendly re-polymerization process to replace the traditional recovery process, the decomposition, refining, polymerization, and other procedures, so that the re-extract more out of pure PET raw materials, not only is an effective recovery but also is the new material of the Earth's ecological environment. Textiles and recycling of waste plastic bottles are made of pure renewable fiber can be continuously recycled to reduce the burden on the environment and save energy.

Anew polyester material usually diacritical from spun polyester to filament polyester (DTY).

The specification of spun polyester is: 21s, 32s, 40s, etc. And the specification of DTY is: 75D/36F, 150D/48F,300D/96F, etc.

We believe that in the near future we will prove successfully the maneuverability of the anew circulative used yarn in the sewing thread field.

Now, the movement is going on…


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