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Viscose Filament Embroidery Yarn Has Broad Market Prospects

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Embroidery thread is an indispensable raw material in the production and processing of various embroidery products and lace. Its application covers various textile fields such as clothing, home textiles, household goods, handicraft accessories, underwear, shoes and hats. In recent years, the demand for embroidery thread at home and abroad (mainly in Southeast Asia) has been very popular, and there is a tendency that demand exceeds supply. Because the printing and jacquard process of textile processing is complex and time-consuming, many manufacturers have chosen computer embroidery with short process and more realistic effect, bright color and high-grade. Consumers are particularly fond of embroidery products, which makes the domestic and international computer embroidery industry very active, and many manufacturers have one after another. Increase the computer embroidery machine, and gradually form a new trend in the downstream application of embroidery thread.

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In recent years, the consumption of polyester embroidery yarn and artificial silk embroidery yarn in domestic textile market has increased considerably. Because of the high strength and low price of polyester, shoes and hats, jeans and small handicraft products have used polyester products to replace the original artificial silk embroidery yarn, while high-grade textile fields such as garments, underwear and home textiles are still in the natural environmental protection of human silk embroidery yarn. Hygroscopicity, softness, antistatic and other advantages are preferred. Especially viscose fibers (rayon) have good heat resistance and thermal stability, and can not be deformed by high temperature ironing. Foreign markets, especially developed countries, have shown strong interest in rayon embroidery threads because of people's full understanding of viscose fibers and strong environmental awareness.

China is a big textile processing country. With the increase of its scale, its profits are decreasing. In addition to the current global energy crisis, the world situation is turbulent and the oil price is rising all the way, which has brought cost instability to the synthetic fibers represented by polyester. At the same time, China is highly dependent on the import of synthetic fibers. According to the data, the dependence of synthetic fiber raw materials in China is as high as 60%, which increases the unpredictability of price fluctuation of chemical fibers. The main raw material of viscose filament is obtained from forestry and agriculture. It is an inexhaustible natural resource in nature. It is immutable. Its cost is mainly affected by chemical raw materials such as acid and alkali, coal and electric lamps, and public works. The fluctuation space of market price will not be too large.



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