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What Are The Processing Factors Of Fishing Nets?

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There are actually many types of fishnet manufacturers, and what are the factors when processing fishing nets?

The most direct factor in the processing of fishing nets is the support of the production equipment hardware. When purchasing processing equipment, the hardware setting is the most basic guarantee. Then there is the level of manual work, because of the long working years, rich work experience, able to handle all kinds of emergency matters in production, and the fishing nets processed by experienced workers are always much better than the quality of novice processing. The choice of materials in the processing of NYLON MONOFILAMENT NETS is also an important factor. The quality of the materials determines the quality of the processing of the fibers. This is also a concern when selecting materials.

How to judge the quality of fishing nets

One method is to detect the flatness, recovery and softness of the line body by hand, and to check whether the brightness of the line body is the same at the light. Then it is to check the diameter and tension of the wire. If the wire diameter and tension are not as large as the specifications of the label, the wire diameter is not more than 10%, and the tension is not more than 10%. This line is affordable. You can also touch and look at your hand to see if there are any injuries or injuries on the outside of the fishing line. There is also a pull to see how elastic it is, whether it is aging and hardening. Inelastic and aged nylon fishing lines are not available.

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