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What Is The Takraw Ball?

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A unique ancient sporting event with a long history. Use your ankles, knees, etc. at the same time to clip and top the ball, not letting the ball fall. The Sepak Takraw is similar to the volleyball game. The difference is based on the foot, so it is also called "foot volleyball." Sepak Takraw is a highly technical project that requires special techniques to handle the ball. Generally, each team has 2 to 3 players, and the score mainly depends on kicking the ball to the opponent's field (the stadium is about the size of the badminton court), and the opponent can't save.

The modern rattan ball has only been produced for more than 40 years. It is marked by the use of the net in the Sepak Takraw. Former Thai Minister of Education Ke Johari made a certain contribution to the promotion of the takraw ball movement and is considered to be "the father of modern rattan ball sports". Joe Harry worked hard to make the Sepak Takraw officially listed as the official competition of the biennial Southeast Asian Games in 1965 and began to become popular in Southeast Asian countries. In 1982, Sepak Takraw entered the Asian Games as a performance project and was included in the official game of the 1990 Beijing Asian Games.

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