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What are the advantages and types of sunshade screen?

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HAITIN NET & TWINE MANUFACTURERS production sun-shade net is different, the color of the north and south in the north because people often use it to grow vegetables and fruit, the common is white transparent network, in the south people not to use it to help plants to keep out the sun, hot summer of the southern people also is very can't stand the strong sunlight, need to use the net to give oneself shade of black heat, so for a long time in the outdoor work friends can enjoy a better deal. In terms of the thickness, this kind of woven net used in the south is relatively thick, and the material is cotton or cotton yarn, which can not only block the sunlight but also have a good ventilation function. In the north, the net supplied from HAITIN NET & TWINE MANUFACTURERS used to shield the plants from the sun is mainly made of plastic. Usually, there is no mesh. The main purpose is to shield the sun's rays from the outside and then keep the temperature inside the net at a relatively constant temperature, which is suitable for the growth of plants.

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At the time of purchase, people always worry about the shading effect of the shading net. The following methods will improve the purchase efficiency. First we want to observe the surface from the outside above to see is flat, material distribution know uniform, vertical and horizontal lines are not very regular staggered arrangement. If there are obvious flaws and wrinkles on the surface, it means that the quality is not good. Secondly, it depends on the reflection ability of the net in front of the sun, when the sun shines, if the surface can have a good gloss, a large number of the sun will be reflected rather than refracted into the inside, it means that this is a good quality screen. It should be noted that we should measure the required size and size before purchasing, otherwise it is likely to cause a lot of waste or the purchase of materials is not enough.


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