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Yarn Thread Enterprises Meet New Situation

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For many years, due to the influence of cotton price difference at home and abroad, yarn and threads of cotton products in China are facing many difficulties in their development. Yarn and threads of cotton textile industry in China are not very optimistic in recent years, and the development of small and medium-sized enterprises is difficult. However, enterprises can not stop moving forward, and need technological innovation, transformation and upgrading to develop themselves.

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In recent years, with the adjustment of China's industrial structure, the influence of cotton storage policy in the past few years on raw materials, as well as the improvement of the overall national economic development, such as human resources, energy consumption and other costs, yarn and thread enterprises of cotton textiles are facing great difficulties. The structural adjustment of cotton spinning enterprises is very obvious. A large number of yarns, threads, are produced and exported by India and Pakistan. For these reasons, China's domestic low-end sector may give way to Southeast Asia, while domestic yarn spinning and threading enterprises should develop towards high-end, high-value-added products. Yarn, threads industrial structure upgrading, new product development, is the inevitable trend of yarn, threads industry adjustment in China, but also the result of market pressure.

From the end of the three-year cotton storage policy of the state, cotton farmers were replaced by direct cotton replenishment. This is a good policy for yarn and thread enterprises of cotton textiles. From the current volume of cotton trading, it has not been liberalized, and the policy dividend has not been fully released. Nine provinces in China have ended the "high tax and low tax" on cotton textile industry. These four percentage points of tax bring solid profits to yarn and thread enterprises. "This policy adjustment will benefit enterprises more intuitively. It will be a very good thing for yarn and thread industry in cotton spinning in the future. "

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China International Textile Yarn, thread (Spring and Summer) Exhibition will be held in the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai). At the same time, Intertextile spring and summer fabrics and accessories exhibition, CHIC China International Clothing and Apparel Exposition will be held in the same place. China International Knitting (Spring and Summer) Exposition will also appear in CHIC for the first time in spring in the form of exhibition in the form of exhibition. By creating a combination of upstream and downstream exhibitions in the industrial chain, it will bring a one-stop publicity and procurement platform for the entire textile yarn and thread industry.

Under the pressure of the industry situation, the large and medium-sized enterprises in yarn and threads still hope to use the platform of the exhibition to get to know more downstream customers, improve their brands and bring new products to the market. Yarn and threads of cotton textile industry in China also hope to guide the development direction of products in the cotton textile industry through the opportunity of the exhibition and the platform of the exhibition.

Yarn cotton spinning, threads enterprise exhibition focus on three aspects: first, to show high value-added, high-quality high-end products. Second, new products. For example, cotton spinning and chemical fibers together to create a new downstream multi-component fiber products, as well as through industrial upgrading, technological transformation and other means to create a multi-structured yarn, threads products.

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Although the overall situation of yarn and threads in cotton textile industry is not good at present, the color textile industry is going against the trend, not only expanding the scale, but also improving the enterprise efficiency. As the color spinning products are richer in color than ordinary white yarn, they have a good appearance and more selling points. Many yarn and thread enterprises are transforming to color spinning. In Shengze area of Wujiang, it is to increase large-scale production, develop jet eddy spinning, and the profits and sales of enterprises are also good. Competent cotton textile enterprises are enthusiastic about participating in the exhibition. At present, the recruitment task of the association is nearing the end.

Yarn and threads of cotton textiles in China are going to arrange special booths at the exhibition to show the best suppliers of raw materials selected. The purpose is to publicize enterprises and guide them to link up the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain through the exhibition platform.

Yarn is a kind of intermediate product for yarn and threads to make brand. chemical fibers are in the upstream, and fabrics, garments and other terminal products are in the downstream. For yarn spinning enterprises with small capacity, it is very difficult for them to create and publicize yarn brands themselves. As the downstream of chemical fibers, the cotton spinning industry supports the release of China's fiber trend. The release of fiber trends has played an important role in alleviating the cotton problem. At the same time, it has played an active role in yarn and thread enterprises in adjusting product structure and accelerating transformation and upgrading.

Since yarn and threads launched their exhibition, China Cotton Textile Yarn and threads Industry Association have actively contacted enterprises to participate in it. After decades of development, there are enterprises along the way, growing with the exhibition. They conform to the situation, innovate products and publicize themselves through exhibition channels. At present, they have basically grown into leading enterprises in the industry.

Over the years, Yarn, thread Expo will also join the China Cotton Textile Industry Association to create the first "honest staple fiber raw material supplier" recommendation activities. By setting up exhibition zones to guide enterprises in purchasing raw materials, we set up a good communication and cooperation platform for yarn, threads enterprises and honest suppliers, and provide professional and high-quality services based on the criteria of selecting partners with safe transaction, guaranteed quality, high service quality and honest supply.


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