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A list of these PE ROPE articles makes it easy for you to quickly access relevant information. We have prepared the following professional PE ROPE, hoping to help solve your questions and better understand the product information you care about.
  • Tangshan Gold nets Fishery Goods Co., Ltd is a manufacturer which is professional in producing fishing nets and sports net. High Strength Nylon Yarn ice hockey net is one kind of the productions. There have several features about this net.1.Nylon Yarn net has excellent durability and wear resistance


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  • PE braided fishing net quality identification method.1. Check the flatness, restorability and softness of the wire body with the hand feeling, and observe whether the transparency of the wire body is consistent at the light.2. To touch and see with your hands, check the surface of the fishing line f


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  • The Badminton Net is 6.10 meters long and 76 centimeters wide. It is made of high quality dark natural or man-made fiber. The mesh size is between 15-20 mm. The upper edge of the net should be sewed with 75 wide double white cloth and thin steel wire rope. Or the nylon rope passes through the interl


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  • Nylon degradation is mainly affected by two factors: one is the aging effect of photothermal oxygen; the other is hydrolysis. Undoubtedly, it is not easy to explain the influence of the above two factors, whether it is confirmation or falsification. But there is an iron law in the polymer field that


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  • Sea fishing refers to fishing at the seaside. The main targets of sea fishing are squid, yellow croaker, squid, squid, grouper, squid, etc. Since the fish in the sea are saltwater fish, they are more ferocious and more greedy than freshwater fish. Eat, so you need a stronger fishing line to deal wit


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  • Generally speaking, there are three main materials used for fishing lines: nylon thread, carbon thread, and braided wire. The advantages of each are as follows:First, the nylon thread is mainly used in the main line and sub-line of freshwater fishing. And the main line of the line fishing for the be


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  • There are actually many types of fishnet manufacturers, and what are the factors when processing fishing nets?The most direct factor in the processing of fishing nets is the support of the production equipment hardware. When purchasing processing equipment, the hardware setting is the most basic gua


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  • China Nylon Baseball Net Factory production sun-shade net is different, the color of the north and south in the north because people often use it to grow vegetables and fruit, the common is white transparent network, in the south people not to use it to help plants to keep out the sun, hot summer of


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  • Thread is a key component of many items that we use daily. From apparel that
    we wear, to the furniture we sit on, thread is all around us. It is even part of
    the tea bag used at lunch. Sewing threads are generally used to assemble sewn
    products together, and the quality of the seam is dependent o


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