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These articles are all highly relevant PE ROPE. I believe this information can help you understand PE ROPE's professional information. If you want to know more, you can contact us at any time, we can provide you with more professional guidance.
  • PP Braided Net Factory provide some methods for quality identification of FISHING POLYESTER ROPE, and hope to help consumers:First, check the flatness, restorability and softness of the line body by hand. Check whether the transparency of the line body is consistent at the light. The diameter and t


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  • When storing Fishing Nylon Rope, it should be prevented from being damaged by rats, insects, etc., and the work of rodent control and pest control should be done, and there should be no other volatile or erosive chemicals in the place where the fishing nets are stored.For fishing nets after drying,


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  • here are many structures and essentials for aquaculture fishing polyester Knotted Net In practice, it is necessary to avoid fish, durable, save labor and materials, and facilitate water exchange and convenience. polyester Knotted Net MANUFACTURER reminds you to pay attention to some related matters


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  • Ice hockey is a combination of versatile skating skills and agile skill in hockey. It is one of the most antagonistic collective ice sports and the official event of the Winter Olympics. The athletes wear skates and take the ice skates to slide and hit the ball. The ball is generally made of hard ru


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  • When fishing nets are manufactured, some anti-ultraviolet materials will be added to improve the performance of fishing nets. What is the knotting method of fishing nets?The traditional knotting method is to knit the warp and weft threads in the net by shuttle, thus becoming a knot. This way of shut


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  • The POLYESTER FISHING TWINE SUPPLIERS told us that before storing the fishing nets, the sludge, greasy and other attachments on the fishing net should be cleaned first, and it should be remembered to dry.The place where the fishing net is stored should be kept in air circulation, and the sunlight sh


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  • About The Storage Knowledge Of Fishing Nets


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  • Tangshan Gold nets Fishery Goods Co., Ltd is a manufacturer which is professional in producing fishing nets and sports net. High Strength Nylon Yarn ice hockey net is one kind of the productions. There have several features about this net.1.Nylon Yarn net has excellent durability and wear resistance


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  • PE braided fishing net quality identification method.1. Check the flatness, restorability and softness of the wire body with the hand feeling, and observe whether the transparency of the wire body is consistent at the light.2. To touch and see with your hands, check the surface of the fishing line f


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  • The Badminton Net is 6.10 meters long and 76 centimeters wide. It is made of high quality dark natural or man-made fiber. The mesh size is between 15-20 mm. The upper edge of the net should be sewed with 75 wide double white cloth and thin steel wire rope. Or the nylon rope passes through the interl


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