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These are related to the PP TWINE news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in PP TWINE and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand PP TWINE market.
  • PP Braided Net Factory provide some methods for quality identification of FISHING POLYESTER ROPE, and hope to help consumers:First, check the flatness, restorability and softness of the line body by hand. Check whether the transparency of the line body is consistent at the light. The diameter and t


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  • here are many structures and essentials for aquaculture fishing polyester Knotted Net In practice, it is necessary to avoid fish, durable, save labor and materials, and facilitate water exchange and convenience. polyester Knotted Net MANUFACTURER reminds you to pay attention to some related matters


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  • Ancient people used coarse cloth and hemp as raw materials to make fish nets by winding. Although this type of fishing net is perishable and has poor toughness, its fishing efficiency has been greatly improved. With the development of fisheries, fishing and hunting are not just for fish, but the too


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  • Groupers are mainly distributed in the South China Sea, with a wide variety of species. They are the target species for sea fishing enthusiasts on the South China Sea.POLYESTER KNOTTED NET MANUFACTURER has compiled some sea fishing methods for groupers here. Let me introduce them to the fishing frie


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  • On September 19, 2018, the Beijing Olympic Winter Organizing Committee Shougang Office District, the International Olympic Committee Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Coordination Committee held a press conference for the third meeting, Hu Anan Samaranch answered the reporter.The third meeting of the Int


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  • Ice hockey is a combination of versatile skating skills and agile skill in hockey. It is one of the most antagonistic collective ice sports and the official event of the Winter Olympics. The athletes wear skates and take the ice skates to slide and hit the ball. The ball is generally made of hard ru


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  • A unique ancient sporting event with a long history. Use your ankles, knees, etc. at the same time to clip and top the ball, not letting the ball fall. The Sepak Takraw is similar to the volleyball game. The difference is based on the foot, so it is also called "foot volleyball." Sepak Takraw is a h


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  • Nylon is a material we often see in daily life, and it is often encountered. What are the advantages and disadvantages of nylon material? Next, the China Twisted Fishing Net Supplier will give you a brief introduction.Disadvantages of nylon: 1. Easy to absorb water. The water absorption is large, an


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  • There are many types of fishing net manufacturer's products, including trawl, purse seine, net throwing and net cage, etc. What are the factors when processing fishing net?The most direct factor of fishing net processing is the support of production equipment hardware. When choosing and purchasing p


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  • With the development of fish farming, fishing net wholesale has become more and more unusual, especially in coastal areas. Basically, every household has some fishing nets. Whether it is used for fishing or entertainment, it is a common thing. What is the fishing net? What kind of development proces


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