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OUR PLAN in Europe

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HAITIN plans to establish logistic warehouses in Netherlands and German.

We received lots of inquiries,especially for cast net and cage,from Europe recently, but most of them are from middle and small-sized local distributors. WE ARE eager to establish direct relationship with such local agents. Unfortunately the freight cost share is a little high for the small amount, so the CIF price becomes not so competitive for our local clients.This affects our development in such important market very much.
Therefore our CEO is visiting Europe now for reliable partner of logistic warehouses.We try to send our strong products,such as FISHING TWINE, FISHING NET, ROPE AND SEWING THREAD by whole container to our warehouse there and resell to Europe. Once established, small orders less than 10 pieces can be acceptable and free samples are available for most European countries. What’s more ,we can feedback to local clients instantly and provide better service.If everything goes on well, overseas offices may be established too.
We believe such investment is of great strategic significance.The warehouse can be our bridge tower for European market,via which we can accept more small trial orders and build direct relationship with more local distributors. Following these, more large orders will come soon.We hope WE becomes well-known in Europe one day, same as in US.
Currently the most possible places for our warehouses are in Netherlands and German.At the same time,we appreciate partners from any European countries.If interested,please feel free to contact us.Our CEO may spend more days in Europe.It will be better to schedule a meeting face to face in Europe.


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